CircuitMOM Productions

Circuit Mom Origin Story

In 1998, Matthew Harvat was already a veteran of Chicago Nightlife. He had worked for Roscoe’s Tavern for 7 years and was building his producer and DJ careers. Appearances in charity drag shows led into a performance in the revue “Who’s That Girl” benefitting Howard Brown Health Services. That performance was soon followed by a “club diva” production featuring a track by house music legend, Ultra Nate at Chicago’s legendary CROBAR, complete with choreography and backup dancers.
Meanwhile, when attending Hotlanta, a circuit party in Atlanta, the main event ran out of water with hours left in the party. Matthew discovered a catering kitchen where the venue staff was frantically filling pitchers and cups of water to hand out to the attendees. Matthew grabbed six pitchers of water to take back to the Chicago group. The crowd parted, and somebody cheered, “You’re our circuit mom!”

And Matthew has been ever since. Producer, Performance artist, DJ, Drag Queen.

“I’m a mix of all those things, but the number one priority has always been trying to

throw the best possible events for our community. I consider myself a highly visible producer who is involved with every aspect of each event. From the venue selection and lighting design, to the staffing, sound, decorations, show production, artwork, DJ’s, dancers and ticket sales. Hopefully, the end result gives our audience the best parties for their money. And, once in awhile, I spackle my face, cram myself in a dress, toss on those 5 inch heels and shake my padded butt for a song or two on stage. That’s who Circuit Mom is.”
Matthew Harvat – Grab Magazine, 1017


Circuit Mom Productions

For 20 years Circuit Mom Productions has been producing world class experiential events designed for the LGBTQ Community not only in Chicago, but nationwide. Led by Matthew Harvat and Edwin Martinez, Circuit Mom Productions has also designed empowering, high-energy events for not for profit organizations, corporate clients, festivals and the general public. Their passion for music and unique environments inspires them to create exciting and theatrical productions cast with impressive talent and utilizing current technological trends. Circuit Mom Productions continues to produce events with a commitment to presenting fresh, safe, and quality experience for attendees.

“The circuit scene definitely comes with a stigma at times, and deservedly so. I represent or try to represent what the good is and what the good was, what it initially meant; the heartfelt music and people coming together to celebrate life.”
Circuit Mom – Chicago Go Pride, 2004