Matthew Harvat

Matthew Harvat designs events and environments, from the intimate to the grand and from the enduring to the spontaneous. As principal and lead designer of his own Chicago based companies, Circuit MOM Productions, Inc. and e.melone, llc, Harvat has transformed both public and domestic spaces for more than twenty years. His event production includes such major venues as the House of Blues Chicago, the Aragon Ballroom, the Uptown Theater Grand Lobby, Sidetrack Video Bar, and countless other performance spaces locally and nationally where he has worked as artistic director, actor, performance artist and DJ. His DJing includes headline appearances in Vancouver, Prague, Miami, Chicago, Orlando, Toronto, and Hollywood.

Concurrent with this evolution, over the last twenty years, Harvat developed the alter-ego drag superstar Circuit Mom and became an iconic presence in dance music festivals around the world. Gay and straight audiences alike embrace Harvat’s unique combination of DJing, production and performances that fuse glamour, wit, and audacity. His creativity is irrepressible.

“Thank you to everyone that has supported our efforts over the years. I think back to my first pride weekend and how so much has changed. It is overwhelming and exciting, with so much accomplished, yet so much more to come. Here’s wishing each of you a safe, happy and profound sense of pride not only this weekend, but also everyday. Don’t blink, you do not want to miss a thing.”
Matthew Harvat – Out Magazine 2012